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You can ask for a child seat or raise your seat for free
Do you want to go on holiday with your children or grandchildren?
Protecting them during the journey is crucial: Any child measuring less than 1m35 and aged less than 10 years must be installed in a suitable device.
  To equip your car rental, Ont provides baby seats adapted to the age, weight and morphology of each of your children. Each baby / child seat is charged 6 € per day in Tunisia.
We recommend you ask for your baby / child seat before 48 hours at minimum in order to make sure to benefit from the equipment when you leave.
One of our members will welcome you with a sign that has your name
The Reception and Assistance Service guarantees an easy and carefree experience when you arrive in Tunisia. The reception will help you attach

You can book it for yourself or for your guests, be it your family, friends or business customers. A qualified mamber from our host team will guide you and ensure that your arrival or departure is as comfortable as your flight.

You are taken directly to your place of residence or place of work
Ouiber offers you practical means of transport to connect the airport and your home or office. Minibus, car with driver, choose what suits you best on your way back!
Do you want to arrive at the airport with peace of mind? Need to leave the airport quickly? With Ouiber book your transfer anywhere in Tunisia!
Through this partnership, we assure you:
a means of transport that meets your needs (shuttle, minibus, car with driver, etc.),
preferential rates for our customers,
one-off offers on a selection of destinations,
the quality of service of the selected providers.
Our cars are all air-conditioned and less than 24 years old.
High range vehicles, air-conditioned and equipped to cope with bad weather, but also professional drivers, in uniforms, knowing several routes to counter the vagaries of traffic.
Our drivers are among the best in Tunisia
Our professional drivers guarantee you
a pick-up since your arrival and accompany you to your destination.
We also offer you a simplified return
thanks to a ride to the airport for a peaceful return.
We offer a wide choice of excursions and tours in Tunisia at cheap prices
A stay in Tunisia without paying a visit to the most fascinating sites in the country would be a heresy. Thanks to Ouiber, you have a varied choice of excursions in Tunisia.

Here is an original excursion that will take you from Nabeul to Port el Kantaoui through Kairouan and Sousse. This very cultural tour will help you discover the Aghlabites basins of Kairouan built in the 9th century. In Sousse, your excursion will be sweet and languorous in the souks of the city or on the beach of this fascinating Tunisian seaside resort.

Do you know the Tunisian South? No ! So, it’s time to go to meet him. Visit the remains of El Jem, the troglodyte village of Matmata and the beautiful city of Douz which adjoins the Sahara. Enjoy your visit and have a nice trip to Tunisia.

The driver will be at your disposal and you can ask him for information or even stop to take some pictures
Our drivers are at your disposal, you can get what you need to know about Tunisia and even stop to take some pictures to discover the best version of Tunisia.
The transportation with us is a true discovery tour of Tunisia, get on board and you will get to know everything about Tunisia!
We provide you with the daily press, games for children, drinks …
A luxury service for all business and family travelers, with on board our vehicles the press of the day, children’s books, fresh drinks to make the transfer as short as possible and comfortable for all.
Wifi, charger, tablets, PCs and internet connection are available in our vehicles if you ask
To serve you in the best way possible, it is important to have the internet connection and charger on board our vehicles during your transfer on demand.
Specific services for elderly and disabled people such as equipment or support …
We provide a specific service in our specialized vehicles for the elderly and disabled in equipment and support.
For all of our customers must have a VIP service with no distinction or discrimination